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Papa Roach’s music is a big part of our lives, however it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. We can guarantee that Papa’s Roast will be a taste sensation for everyone.  Sit back with the first releases of the amazing new album “Ego Trip” and enjoy some Jacoby Shaddix approved coffee.

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So, the Gold Label range movement starts next week and we move towards what we are going to call “The Hallowed Ritual”. It’ll be ever expanding but we’ll keep it at four for the moment - We won’t leave our traditional range of coffees behind, this is just a concurrent path that we’ll dip in to when we find something extra special. These four coffees have taken us months to decide upon.

All the new coffees come with a hand written tasting card that you can either improve your coffee knowledge with, or impress your friends and family. A little extra on our part for you to enjoy some exotic brews. 

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It’s an age old argument that the purists will always have you thinking beans. Is there really much difference?

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Having a few weeks of down time whilst I’ve been inactive has been mainly concerned with recovery from a back operation and testing coffee to maximise your caffeinated pleasure. (Three new coffees are receiving the finishing touches) Massive thanks to Heth for keeping everything running smoothly and keeping me (in)sane over the last month or so.

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New gift bundles and LD#2 looming.
We’ve joined a scheme working with Pachama & the Varified Carbon Standard. At no cost to you, we offset the carbon that is used to deliver your beautiful coffee. 

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