5th August 2020.

5th August 2020.

Well, it's been a week or so since the last update - Everyone is getting in on the community spirit and feedback is excellent.  Can't thank everyone enough for their support.  We're overwhelmed and very thankful.

Mugs and coasters have arrived so get in on the act and continue to rep the greatest coffee company this side of the coffee belt.  Lets us know if there is anything you want to see or try.  Feedback is what will improve us. We're looking at taster bags and we're looking to get in some of the local cafes in the next few weeks. 

Competition is currently live on Facebook and Instagram so check that out and win a 250g bag of your chosen coffee, a mug and coaster.  We'll go live later in the month and announce the winner.


Tell your friends, family, pets and hairdresser about us.  They'll be well caffinated and we'll be the beginning of a spellbinding coffee revolution.



Dan & the crew.


PS; To the man who asked - Yes, I will be posting some sexy pictures of the crew posing in our favourite CV t-shirts. 


People are strange - We like that.