Beans or ground? What’s best?

Whats better? Beans or Ground?

It’s an age old argument that the purists will always have you thinking beans. Is there really much difference?

I'll take you through the pros, cons and you can decide whats best for you. Just make sure its Café Voodoo Coffee you’re using!

(Other brands are available but won’t taste as good or have the same high level of service 😜)

First up; Ground coffee: 

Our grind is pretty fine and suitable for all preparation, from cafetiere to espresso machine. The taste difference is minute as, once ground, our coffee goes straight into valved bags - Air released by the coffee comes out but none gets in. Expect a tiny bit less definition in taste but not enough for it to be overly noticeable.  I drink our coffees from ground simply because its quicker, simpler and I don't always have the time to grind.

The one main drawback is that people like to experiment with grind sizes. Purists say that cafetière grind should be just smaller than salt sized grains, espresso should be very fine and dripper somewhere in between.

Whilst this has some truth in it, a fine grind will do you proud in any circumstance.

Fine grind will always need to be drunk before beans so don’t leave it in the cupboard more than a few months. Ground needs to be drunk within about 8-10 months whereas beans will be up to 12. Most people don’t let CVC hang around more than a month as it’s so good!

Im currently drinking an El Femenino coarse grind that was roasted in Oct ‘20 and it’s still pretty damn good.


So, you're either someone that likes to grind before drinking, as you want the freshest taste possible, or you've got a bean to cup machine.

Freshly ground beans will always be slightly superior if you buy in small amounts - The beans in your local coffee shop have likely been out in the air for a few hours and will have changed slightly.  Same with opening any coffee bag.  Once you let the air to it, it's going to start to change.  This is why we only sell in 250g bags. 

Once its open, you've started a process and we want our coffee to be amazing from the first dose to the last.

With a bean to cup machine, simply put in what you need, sqeeze as much of the air out of the bag as possible and re-seal.  Don't empty it all in and leave it for a week.

That’s the lowdown, in its simplest terms. In all honesty, it doesn’t matter what you use. It’s really how fast you drink it once opened.