It’s beginning to look a lot like Creepmas

Christmas, coffee, espresso, gifts -

It’s beginning to look a lot like Creepmas

Not spoken via blog for a while so here’s the latest rambling:
The launch of our Resurrection Espresso style coffee has been a resounding success and reports are great. Everyone seems to be finding a new favourite 🤩 Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered and bought on the site and at markets. Chester Makers Market was a cold one however we met some awesome new Caffiends and enjoyed the day. 

Having a few weeks of down time whilst I’ve been inactive has been mainly concerned with recovery from a back operation and testing coffee to maximise your caffeinated pleasure. (Three new coffees are receiving the finishing touches) Massive thanks to Heth for keeping everything running smoothly and keeping me (in)sane over the last month or so.

Christmas is looming which is the strangest one we’ve  ever seen - Loads of people have bought CVC as gifts so at least recipients will be glad they didn’t get socks again! We’ve been assured that everything sent out by 18/12 will get to you for the big day. If you’re local, we’ll deliver up to and including 24/12 and will restart on Boxing Day.  The new record for local delivery is 24 minutes from order to us knocking on your door which probably won’t get beaten but we’ll keep trying.

We’ll be back in Trentham in the new year and trying to get to more places in our radius and local retail outlets.

Keep spreading the Café Voodoo name and we’ll see you all soon.

Dan 🖤☕️☠️