Lockdown, gifts and the environment

Environment, gifts, Lockdown -

Lockdown, gifts and the environment

Lockdown 😩
With lockdown #2 looming, we’re not likely to be at any shows in the near future - This is going to make things ‘different’ for us and we’d love it if you wonderful people can recommend us to friends and family - even just positive shares of our posts on Instagram or Facebook or a review can help us.   Thank you ☺️ 

Gift bundles🎄

We have our awesome gift bundles on the store and we’ll be adding the ‘Super Bundle’ in the coming days.

This will include everything for the novice or the experienced coffee drinker. The set includes 2x 250g bags of coffee, one mug, coaster, cafetière & tote bag. Keeps your eyes peeled for that one.  I’ve also  redesigned the logo slightly and we’ve got awesome new T-shirt’s and jackets available.

The Environment 🌿🦔

We’ve joined a scheme working with Pachama & the Varified Carbon Standard. At no cost to you, we offset the carbon that is used to deliver your beautiful coffee. We’re slowly trying to get as eco conscious as possible and work towards 0% emissions. Slow process but we’ll get there!

One of our new T-shirt’s is Vegan and PETA approved so you can represent your favourite coffee brand with style and kindness.

Heth x

Ps: Dan should be back with us in a week or two 😊🖤