The story behind Papa’s Roast

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The story behind Papa’s Roast

The Papa’s Roast lowdown

Papa’s Roast is
here!  And what an awesome and surreal journey it’s been! As we get plenty of questions about how we got to work alongside and collaborate with a huge band, here’s the story.

We first approached Papa Roach at the end of October ‘21, on the back of a Zoom meeting with the band that we’d been lucky enough to join as fans. We emailed their management and put forward the idea for a coffee collaboration – Just on a whim, as the CVC team have been fans for well over 20 years and thought it would be a fun idea.  We didn’t expect to hear much back, let alone the same night, however It just so turned out that Papa’s Roast was about to be released in the US and they jumped at the chance to release one for the UK and Europe.  There were stipulations for us though!

Jacoby (Lead Singer) wanted the best quality Ethiopian beans and to test and approve himself. No small feat, trying to impress a guy you’ve highly respected for decades. The search was well and truly on as we also wanted to ensure that the beans were Fairtrade and Organic certified.  We searched high and low to find something special. Two months and many different beans later we were given a lead on what we believed was going to be right. Thankfully, we found a uniquely farmed Yirgacheffe region bean that had the right combination of fruit hints and acidity balance that we were looking for. 

Now for the roasting – We tried roasts from very light (Sometimes called a Cinnamon roast due to its light colouring) all the way up to very dark. Unsurprisingly African beans aren’t made for dark roasting – They lose the delicate flavours that are distinctive to the continent, so anything past medium wasn’t going to do the trick.  We arrived at a gradually roasted medium light roast that accentuated the fruit and sweet flavours whilst moving from high acidity for a more winey but subtle tang. Some simply think that chucking the beans in the roaster and timing it will do the trick. It’s part of it however the gradual heating curve and cooling time is a fine art and one you can’t ever master in a lifetime. Every single farm’s beans roast differently and react differently.

And no, we’re not telling anyone which farm it came from.  We’re keeping it highly secret and only we know the source. 

So, that’s the coffee sorted.  PR provided us with the artwork and all we had to do was get our logo on it and looking good. You’ve got to admit, the artwork is amazing and looks awesome.

Final touches, final tweaks to the schedule (and PR getting stuck in Mid-West snow storms) got us to the finishing post.

And here is the result of our endeavours – From a short email asking a question we never thought we’d hear back from, to partnering with four guys (and their excellent team) who have sold over 20 million records.  We couldn’t be happier.

It’s strange to think that the band can enjoy something we’ve produced, rather than it being just us enjoying their work.  If you’d told us at 11 years old that we’d be sending our work to Papa Roach, we wouldn’t have believed you.

Papa Roach’s music is a big part of our lives, however it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. We can however guarantee that Papa’s Roast will be a taste sensation for everyone.  Sit back with the first releases of the amazing new album “Ego Trip” and enjoy some Jacoby Shaddix approved coffee. 


Huge thank you to Karl H, Ian D, Chad H, Mel, Jacoby, Tobin, Jerry and Tony for having us on board and giving us a guiding hand in our first collaboration.

Special thanks to Fiona M for her assistance and patience.