Caffeination Club

That little green and white present logo in the bottom left of your screen is your path to rewards and competitions as a member of our Caffeination Club.

Activate your club account and follow a few simple steps to earn credits towards your total. You gain credits by sharing and liking us on social media, making a purchase or entering our competitions. You’ll also get 4 credits for every pound you spend.

For example, if you sign up today, share us on social media, add your birthday and make a purchase, you’re pretty much up to your first milestone. Refer a friend and you’ll get and extra 100 credits every time - They get 12% off too!

Once you reach 500 credits, you can turn that in for a £5 coupon. Keep it saved up and build up, if you want to. The more credits you amass, the quicker you’ll get higher denomination coupons. 

Oh yeah, did we mention it’s free to join?! 

In the coming months, we’ll be adding more to the club such as a magazine, merch and more!