Our story

Our story started in a supermarket looking at the range of coffees available and two things struck me.

Firstly; Everything is the same, with a different label, and tastes the same. Secondly; I’m bored of what’s on offer. Nothing grabs my attention and it’s all a little ‘safe’.

So, we delved into trying to find new coffees that would reinvigorate our love of Ol’ Joe.  We bought from all sorts of places and found what we liked. In fact, our first discovery was our Italian Blend, Talisman. This was simply a few days in the kitchen blending what we thought was nice. Turns out, it’s now everyone’s favourite. 

After sharing with friends and family, we decided to make a go of it in the real world - Begin a business and share what we’d found.  People latched on and call Café Voodoo Coffee their chosen brand. We’ll be forever grateful for that. Yes it might have a skull on the label and we may give the coffees crazy names but we’re selling what we feel comfortable with. If you want to buy something different and help a small time niche business that you’ll never see in Tesco, give us a try. I promise you’ll be back for more.

We’ll keep doing what we do - Amazing coffee at prices that are affordable with a friendly face when you see us.  
Our website might not be all singing all dancing and our photography may be creaky - But our coffee is awesome and so are our Caffeination Club.

Stay percolated and keep spreading the Café Voodoo Coffee name. 

D&H 🖤☠️☕️