What’s Specialty Coffee and what does it mean for you?

SCA - Our relationship with the Specialty Coffee Association

Not all coffee is created equal. The SCA awards a score to coffee in the top 20% of quality single origin beans. 
The top 20% makes up all of our single origin coffees and we use high scored ‘commercial’ grade for our blends. 
The score is an amalgamation of bean size, mouth feel, aroma and roast quality (amongst many other qualities). This ensures that everything about your coffee is going to get you properly percolated!

The first stage is the green bean.

Farmers who produce specialty green coffee beans are masters of their craft. They know where to plant for the correct amount of sun/shade, the right altitude to ensure the right amount of moisture exposure and perfect soil quality. 
From seedling to harvest - Your coffee has been perfected for decades by generations of farmers who’s knowledge and skill has been passed through the generations. Just so we can enjoy our morning mug of ‘Ol Joe.

The next stage is importation.

This bit is simple as their aren’t a lot of specialty importers. It costs millions to transport coffee beans around the world and only a few organisations do it. They’ve got it down to a fine art. DR Wakefield, for example, have been importing beans for 50 years having cultivated prosperous relationships with farmers all over the world. They are a diverse, tight-knit group of people who love coffee. Between them, they have many years of experience and qualifications. They strive to be experts in our field and share this knowledge with everyone we work with. They grade and cup tens of thousands of coffees each year and regularly visit our growers at origin. Every coffee sold has been cupped (tried in a strict environment) at least twice by Trade and Quality teams.

Roasting - The difficult bit.

Roasting, which is second most important to bean selection, is the key to putting a smile on your face and caffeine in your veins. Being a small outfit, we have to rely on our roasting partner to get the best out of every bean. Having chosen our partner from the many that are out there, we can trust them to get it right every time. They’ve been roasting amazing coffee for over 20 years so they really know their stuff. We know that they can roast specialty beans with the care and attention that’s needed. From a short light roast to a time consuming dark roast, it’s got to be right.

We hope to build our own roastery in 2021/22 so watch this space. 


Us & You - Our percolated friends. You are amazing and we’ll continue to treat you like that.

We understand that specialty coffee is more expensive, however, we wouldn’t sell you anything that doesn’t cut the mustard. We could sell run of the mill coffee that you could get at (insert international coffee chain) but that wasn’t what our mission was. We simply want to provide the best coffee for you to enjoy and share. That’s why people now call us their go-to company. No bull, no big conglomerates, no massive profit margins and no mass produced nonsense. Just two people, with chosen partners, who love their customers and love the fact people are shopping small, can speak to us directly and chat on an honest level. You tell us what you want and we’ll do our best to supply it. We love seeing your Café Voodoo social media uploads and say thanks by sometimes chucking some funky merch in your orders when you next purchase. We try to do the same when you refer us to a friend or family member.

We supply coffee with mojo, so we can all get properly percolated.

Treat yourself to a bag or two - We promise you’ll be back for more.