Big Box Of Coffee (Free Shipping & 2-in-1 Scoop & Clip

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Big Ol’ Box Of Coffee

Don’t want all the accessories and goodies in the other box sets? The Big Ol’ Box Of Coffee includes five of our favourite coffees (Including two Gold Label bags) & comes with a free handful of Brew Bags and a 2-in-1 scoop & clip.

Beautifully presented in a recyclable box, tied with British made twine, lined with fancy tissue paper and decorated with a CVC tag - You can’t go wrong!

Gifting this item? Leave us a note at checkout and we’ll write the tag for you!


Our famous Talisman Italian Dark Blend - 250g

Resurrection - Brazil Barbosa Gold - 250g

Empowered - Tanzanian Mutwari’ - 250g

Divinity - Gold Label Burundi Kirema- 250g

Mojo Hand - Indian Monsoon - 250g

Free 2-in-1 scoop & clip & couple of assorted Brew Bags



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