Limited Edition - Papua New Guinea Elimbari Arabica 250g

Limited Edition - Papua New Guinea Elimbari Arabica 250g

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While Indonesian coffees are usually quite well balanced, PNG coffees tend to edge more toward the fruity side of the spectrum exhibiting a lot of acidity and wine-like notes.

This particular coffee has a bit of a cherry scent to it, and if you “taste” deep enough you can feel hints and splashes of a fruity, sweet cherry.

Papua New Guinea is actually one of the least explored islands on earth. Apparently they say it’s possible that there are dozens of indigenous tribes or communities living on the island that have not had contact with the modern world. It is entirely possible that there are undiscovered plants or animals on the island.

Quite a mysterious place..

💪🏼 Strength: 3/5

🔥 Roast: Medium

🗻 Alititude Grown: 1600m

🍃 Varietal: Various Coffea Arabica (Blended at source)

☀️ Process: Semi washed

Certified speciality by the Speciality Coffee Association Of Europe.


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