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The Ritual contains a broad range of our diverse tastes designed for someone new to Café Voodoo Coffee. From light, to earthy, to dark and up to our Gold Label range - There is something for everyone in The Ritual. A great start at a great price.

Talisman - Italian Blend

Italian dark blend of Columbian, Brazilian and Costa Rican beans. This is our best seller for a reason. It gives you the punch you need to attack the day without being over powering. 

Empowered - Tanzania Mutwari 

An exotic Tanzanian Mutwari coffee, lightly roasted with delicious hints of fruit.  Complex in its taste but utterly enjoyable. Empowered  is part of  our Gold Label range and has become a very popular coffee.

Brazil Santos - Limited Edition 

Often regarded as the gateway to specialty coffee, Brazil’s Santos is creamy cup with cocoa hints.  It’s a popular coffee the world over and loved for its nutty finish.

Mojo Hand - Indian Monsooned Mallabar AA

An earthy, medium body & satisfying bean that has been purposely monsooned.

The monsoon process means the once picked, the beans are spread on special patios for a few weeks to draw in the monsoon wind and rain giving them a wild and succulent taste. Some farms bury the beans beforehand to further accentuate the process - Sounds strange but it’s an amazing taste (The Boss’ favourite!)

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